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Waste Managment


In the years 2011-2013, the pilot project of an incineration plant was granted complex support from the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development under the PPP Platform. The support comprise economic and financial, legal and technical advisory for the preparation and conducting the selection procedure of a private partner. The main task of the advisory team was to design the final institutional model of the prject in accordance with the national and Union regulations on the implementation of the European Funds and waste management, as well as in line with the expectations and needs of the City of Poznan and providing for a possibility to finance the project from private funds. Furthermore, the support for the beneficiary comprised the preparation of a model risk analysis and a public sector comparator (PSC).

Additionally, the materials prepared by the MIED contain a report on the experiences from the preparation and performance of the project in Poznan, which contains an overall description of the process of preparing the project documentation and of the selection procedure of a private partner.

Project description

The construction project of a waste management system for the City of Poznan envisages an investment task which involves the design, construction, financing and management and maintenance of the complete Thermal Waste Processing Installation for Mixed Communal Waste Residues Fraction in Poznan with the nominal capacity of waste processing of up to 210 thousane tonnes a year, with the incineration technology of waste in a scaffolding furnace and with the use of a semi-dry flue gas cleaning installation.

The investment tasks also involves the organization of a High-Volume Waste Dissolution Installation (HVWDI) on the premises of the Thermal Waste Processing Installation for Mixed Communal Waste Residues Fraction. The HVWDI will be used to disassemble large-volume waste (furtniture, electrical and electronic devices, etc.) which is collected separately.

The project is aimed at ordering and organizing the communal waste management in Poznan and in 9 neighbourhood municipalities, in particular at:

  • increasing the share of communal waste subject to recovery and disposal;
  • improving the condition of the environment and landscape;
  • increasing the volume of heat energy generated during the processing of waste;
  • increasing the recovery of secondary raw materials;
  • increasing the awareness of the society on waste management.

To perform the project, the City of Poznan decided to select a private partner to design, construct, organize the financing and exploit the thermal waste processing installation (TWPI) with the annual capacity of up to 210 thousand tonnes waste for a period of 25 years. The private partner will be authorized by the beneficiary to incur expenditures under hte project.

The preparation of the project and the selection of the private partner was actively supported by representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Economic Development (formerly the Ministry of Regional Development (MRD)) in the years 2010-2013.