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The investment related to the construction of a new line of the Cracow Fast Tramway is prepared by the Road Administration Authority of the City of Cracow (the project promoter).

The project was submitted to the Ministry under an open call for PPP investments in 2016 (comp. the information on the ongoing call). The support takes the form of complex advisory (legal, economic and financial and technical) for the preparation of the investment under the PPP formula.

The support is for the elaboration and dissemination of template documentation and of experiences related to the prepartion of the project to be implemented under the PPP formula.

The advisors appointed by the MIED have supported the project since June 2017. We publish information materials on their activities in section “Documents”.

Project description

The investment will result in the construction of a connector within the existing tramway network which will connect the centrally located District of Czyzyny with the northern District of Mistrzejowice. The new tramway line will start at the junction of the streets: Jana Pawła II, Mogilska, Lema and Meissnera, and will go along the streets: Meissnera, Młynska, Lublanska, Dobrego Pasterza, Krzeslawicka, Bohomolca, ks. Kazimierza Jancarza, up to the existing tramway node of Mistrzejowice. The section will have the length of approx. 4 526 m in total.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • increase the share of green public transport in the service of residents by extending the tramway system onto the area of the City Municipality of Cracow and to increase the share of tramways in public transport;
  • enhance the transport availability by increasing the number of tramway lines and shortening the travel time by making the traffic smoother;
  • extend the network – the planned investment is part of the route Ruczaj – Piastów FAR (Fast Agglomeration Railways), the construction of the line up to Mistrzejowice will make it possible to extend the line of the Cracow Fast Tramway up to the new node next to the new railway stop in the housing estate Piastów where it will connect with the FAR;
  • facilitate and enhance the attractiveness of municipal collective transport by shortening the travel time.

The construction of the double-track tramway line of approx. 4,5 km, including the traction system, stops accompanying technical infrastructure (substation, traffinc steering, information, etc.):

  • extending the existing tramway node of Mistrzejowice;
  • reconstructing the existing structure of the streets: Lublanska, Młynska, Meissnera along the section of approx. 2.2 km;
  • reconstructing the roundabouts: Polsadu and Młynskie;
  • reconstructing local section of the streets: Dobrego Pasterza and Bohomolca according to the route of the tramway tracks;
  • reconstrucing the junction of the Jana Pawła II Avenue and the streets: Mogilska and Meissnera to connect the constructed tramway line with the existing one along the Jana Pawła II Avenue;
  • reconstructing Mogilska Street and constructing and reconstructing the technical infrastructure, the structure of stops, pavements and cycling tracks and acoustic screens.


The investment entitled “The construction, reconstruction and maintenance of voivodeship roads in the Region of Wloclawek under the formula of public-private partnership” is prepared by the Self-government of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship (the project promoter).

The support takes the form of complex advisory (legal, economic and financial and technical) for the preparation of the aforementioned investment under the PPP formula. The support was aimed at elaborating and disseminating template documentation and experiences from the preparation of the project to be implemented under the PPP formula.

The MIED planned to support the project in the years 2018-2020.

Project description

The concept of the project promoter envisages that the project will cover voivodeship roads with the total length of 271.811 km in the Region of Włocławek. The planned minimum scope of the construction of new roads amounts to approx. 12 km, while the legth of the reconstructed roads amounts to approx. 100 km as a minimum.

The planned investment will be performed based on a PPP contract with a private partner, which will involve the joint performance of the project base on the division of tasks and risks between the parties. The validity periof of the public-private partnership contract is estimated to amount to 30 years. The private partner will be obliged to finance the construction, reconstruction of road infrastructure and its ongoing maintenance within the scope specified in the contract. On the other hand, the public entity will pay out a remuneration to the private partner for performing the task in the form of the so-called “availability fee”.

The project value is estimated to amount to PLN 400,000,000, excluding VAT 23%, while the gross amount will be PLN 492,000,000. The amount covers the tasks with the potential financing from the EU Funds of approx. PLN 136,000,000.