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PROJECT - Construction of the District Court’s building at ul. Grunwaldzka

The project called „Construction of the District Court’s building at ul. Grunwaldzka” (project) is implemented by the District Court in Nowy Sącz (Promoter). Support for the pilot project by the Ministry of Investment and Development in the years 2012-2016, as part of the PPP Platform, included: substantive assistance in the process of preparing the project and conducting an open tendering procedure to select advisors; participation in the work of the Steering Team for the project; participation in meetings of the tender committee for selecting a private partner and; supporting the Ordering Party at the stage of signing a PPP agreement and financial closure.

It is an innovative project, being the first of this type government investment planned in the field of justice.

Description of the project

The project assumes cooperation with the private partner as regards design, construction, financing and management of the new seat of the District Court in Nowy Sącz. The basic need is to construct the new seat of the court meeting the safety standards, providing the appropriate area of countrooms, storages and allowing to create high comfort of work and customer service.

The former seat of the court, located at ul. Pijarska 3, has been designed by a Viennese architect and built in the years 1898-1901 in place of the former Piarist Monastery. The new edifice will undoubtedly streamline the functioning of the court and customer service which will be a significant facility for the residents of the region.

The contribution of the public entity to this project is a real property, where the investment has been implemented. This property has been leased to the private partner for the duration of the agreement. The contribution of the private partner is specialist knowledge on carrying out the investment process and maintaining and managing the real property, application of state-of-the-art technologies and financing for the project, construction and management of the new seat.

On 6 April 2018 the new seat of the District Court in Nowy Sącz was ceremonially opened. The assumed stage of maintenance and management will take 20 years.


The investment is prepared by the Municipal Investment Authority which is a budget unit of the City of Cracow.

The project was submitted to the Ministry under an open call for PPP investments in 2017 (comp. the information on the ongoing call). The support takes the form of complex advisory (legal, economic and financial and technical) for the preparation of the investment to be performed under the PPP formula. The support is aimed at preparing and disseminating template documentation and experiences related to the preparation of the project to be performed under the PPP formula.

The advisors appointed by the MIED have supported the project since August 2017.

Project description

The subject of the project is the construction of the public-utility building of the Investor Service Centre, including a two-storey underground garage and a one-storey underground warehouse entrances from Centralna Street and Kamionka Street and technical infrastructure.

The investment is planned to comprise the construction of:

  • a building,
  • two entrances to the premises and an internal fire road,
  • the demolition of the existing pitch and playground,
  • the demolition and transfer of the existing monument,
  • the transfer of the colliding utility infrastructure,
  • the connections of technical infratructure,
  • land and green areas management.

The City of Cracow possesses complete project documentation for the private partner. In 2014, the documentation was used as a basis for approving the construction project and for issuing the construction permit.