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Objectives and tasks

The PPP Platform's mission is improving the potential of public institutions to deliver high quality cost-effective public services and infrastructure as well as increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of local self-governments in the implementation of infrastructural projects due to public-private partnership.

Main tasks of the PPP Platform are as follows:

  1. creating a cooperation network between Members of the PPP Platform in order to ensure exchange of knowledge, good practices and verified solutions for the preparation and implementation of public-private ventures, identification of barriers in their preparation and creation of solutions contributing to the development of public-private partnership, including standards of documentation and procedures for preparing such projects;
  2. initiating and supporting pilot public-private partnership projects aimed at gaining experience and identifying barriers in the process of implementation of similar ventures, including preparation of the necessary sector, horizontal analyses and specifying a type of procedure for the implementation of public-private partnership ventures, as well as ensuring legal, economic and financial and also technical consulting for units that implement pilot public-private partnership projects and programs;
  3. providing substantive support for public entities that implement public-private partnership projects;
  4. ensuring that public entities have broad access to opinions, expert opinions, analyses, audit reports, contract templates, project documentation and other documents relating to public-private partnership;
  5. promoting public-private partnership as an instrument of effective completion of public tasks.