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About the platform

A cooperation platform for public private partnership (the PPP Platform) established on the initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development addresses to expectations of the public entities and the market. The PPP Platform was initiated by the Minister of Infrastructure and Economic Development on 26 January 2011. This is an agreement of public entities (currently ca. 200 members) which are willing to cooperate and share knowledge on PPP.

Who may join the PPP Platform?

The PPP Platform is available for public entities only, among them ministries, units of the self-government at different levels, public companies, BGK, public medical entities, universities and others.

How to join the agreement?

Each interested public entity may join the PPP Platform by signing the following declaration.

Mission of the PPP Platform

The mission of the PPP Platform is to strengthen the potential of public institutions to deliver high-quality, cost-effective public services and infrastructure, and to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the self-government in the performance of infrastructural projects thanks to public-private partnership.

Objectives of the PPP Platform

  1. Exchanging knowledge, best practices and well-established solutions for the preparation and performance of PPP projects.
  2. Identifying barriers in the preparation and performance of PPP projects.
  3. Supporting the preparation of pilotage PPP projects, substantive support for public entities that implement public-private partnership projects
  4. Providing a broad access to opinions, expert opinions, analyses, audit reports, contract templates, project documentation and other documents relating to public-private partnership;
  5. Promoting PPP as an instrument to effectively complete public tasks.