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About the ministry in PPP

The Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy acts as a central coordinating and management unit for public-private partnership (PPP Unit) in Poland. Our task is to implement the Government Policy for the development of PPPs (Poland). Actions aimed at the dissemination of public-private partnership were specified as a strategic project in the area “Capital for development” under the Strategy for Responsible Development.

We use the actions of our Department for Public-Private Partnership to educate, coordinate, monitor, analyse and support the public-private partnership (PPP) market in Poland.

We perform the tasks, inter alia, by proposing necessary legal amendments (based on a comprehensive review of the PPP legal environment) that are necessary to eliminate inconsistencies and improve the development of PPP.

We provide complex advisory services for public entities and issue opinions on whether it is useful to apply the PPP formula for a specific investment.

We also aim to develop and disseminate guidelines, recommendations, good practices facilitating the preparation and implementation of PPP.

We keep a data base of investment plans (PPP project pipeline) and a data base of signed PPPs  and we continuously monitor their performance.

We also carry out educational and information activities, e.g. trainings at basic and advanced levels, specialist workshops, and study visits.

We are committed to reach out to the largest possible group of recipients with the use of our profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

The principal effectiveness indicators of the Policy’s activities by 2020 are:

  • Increase in the number of implemented PPP investment projects – conclusion of at least 100 new PPP contracts.
  • Increased share of the value of signed PPP contracts, in terms of percentage of investment outlays  in national economy in the public sector to the level of 5%.
  • Increase in the number of tenders initiated by the Government/State sector to select the private partner - the implementation of the activities provided for in this document is expected to result  in the initiation of at least 10 such procedures.
  • Increase in the number of signed PPP contracts in relation to the number of tender opportunities announced to 40%.


Therefore, we encourage to visit our Internet website which is a compendium of information on PPP, starting from legal acts, market analyses, project data bases, numerous publications up to news on current events concerning PPP.