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Polish Government adopted Policy for the Development of PPP

On July 26, 2017, the Polish Council of Ministers adopted the "The Government Policy for the Development of Public-Private Partnerships". Its main purpose is to increase the scale and efficiency of infrastructure investment implemented through the PPP formula. "PPP Policy" identifies a series of activities of the Polish Government for PPP development, with a view to 2020, most of which are already in the implementation phase.

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Update of Hybrid Projects Database in Poland

16 hybrid projects for an aggregate value of 4 005 million PLN were identified in 10 Programs implemented in the financial perspective 2007-2013. Hybrid Projects Database was prepared by the Department of Public-Private Partnership Projects’ Support in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development.


Market Update 2015 prepared by EPEC

The European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC) team has completed a review of the European PPP market in 2015. The aggregate value of PPP transactions that reached financial close in the European market in the first half of 2015 totalled EUR 4,3 billion.  The report draws attention to the signing of an agreement for the Turkey ppp project in the healthcare sector.


Financial close in the first government’s PPP project in Poland

On August 24th, 2015, a financing agreement was signed between Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (State Development Bank) - the financing institution and PPP Projekt Sp. z o.o, VINCI Group – the private partner.

Tripartite conference shares Anglo-French PPP experience with Poland

Tripartite conference shares Anglo-French PPP experience with Poland

The Polish-French-British PPP conference, held at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development on 20 March, brought together best practice from two of the EU’s leading proponents of public-private partnerships. The UK has 22 years of experience with PPPs, with over 1,000 projects completed, while France has been using the PPP formula for 10 years to deliver over 500 projects.


First PPP at State level

March 5, 2015 was signed a PPP contract for the design, construction, finance and 20 years of operation and maintenance of the new house of the District Court in Nowy Sacz City. From the beginning, Ministry of Infrastructure and Development through PPP Platform supported Ministry of Justice and the court in the preparation of this investment.


Bobolice Municipality is looking for a ppp partner

Bobolice Municipality invites private investors to get acquainted with the realization objectives of the undertaking entitled House of Old Age with land development in the form of a public-private partnership on the territory of Bobolice Municipality


The legal definition of a hybrid project in Polish legislation

Act of 11 July 2014 on the principles of implementation of the cohesion policy programmes, financed under the 2014-2020 financial perspective, introduces a legal definition of the hybrid project (which is realized by public-private partnerships formula and co-financed from EU funds).

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Establishing and Reforming PPP Units - Analysis of EPEC Member PPP Units and Lessons Learnt

In coordination with EPEC Members, the EPEC team has conducted reviews of institutional frameworks for 24 EPEC Members (set out in ‘Unit Reports’) a number of which are publicly available on the EPEC website. A central PPP Unit was identified in 18 of the 24 institutional frameworks reviewed. The purpose of this report is to draw collectively from these Unit Reports in order to identify trends and lessons learnt. It is based on information that was correct at the date of publication for each Unit Report, i.e. between October 2011 and March 2014.

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Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the award of Concession Contracts

The new regulations enter into force on 17 April 2014. Member States shall bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with the Directive within 24 months after its entry into force.

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