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Polish Government adopted Policy for the Development of PPP

On July 26, 2017, the Polish Council of Ministers adopted the "The Government Policy for the Development of Public-Private Partnerships". Its main purpose is to increase the scale and efficiency of infrastructure investment implemented through the PPP formula. "PPP Policy" identifies a series of activities of the Polish Government for PPP development, with a view to 2020, most of which are already in the implementation phase, e.g.:

  • proposing the necessary legal amendments that are needed to improve the development of PPP in Poland; 
  • developing and monitoring a PPP project pipeline (a database of investment plans); 
  • carrying out educational and information dissemination activities including the development and implementation of a communication strategy; 
  • developing and wide dissemination of  guidelines, recommendations, good practice relating for example to project preparation, carrying out the tendering procedure and standard contract clauses for various sector; 
  • providing comprehensive advisory services to public bodies at the preparation and tendering stages;
  • certification (quality assurance/assessment) - in order to increase confidence in the selection of the PPP formula, in particular the assessment of the benefits of the PPP project and the quality of analysis carried out prior to project implementation; 
  • developing and implementing an obligatory opinion (so-called "PPP test”)  on the formula to be used to implement large projects (i.e. over PLN 300 million of investment from the Government/State budget); EU co-financed projects are excluded; 
  • analysing and establishing a system of warranties and guarantees for the public and private sectors   and other possible financial instruments that reduce the costs of preparing and implementing PPP projects. 

The principal indicators against which the effectiveness of the Policy’s activities will be assessed by 2020 are:

  • Increase in the number of implemented PPP investment projects – conclusion of at least 100 new PPP contracts;
  • Increased share of the value of signed PPP contracts, in terms of percentage of investment outlays in national economy in the public sector to the level of 5%;
  • Increase in the number of tenders initiated by the Government/State sector to select the private partner - the implementation of the activities provided for in this document is expected to result in the initiation of at least 10 such procedures;
  • Increase in the number of signed PPP contracts in relation to the number of tender opportunities announced to 40%.

Download file:

The Government Policy for the Development of PPPs (Poland) (PDF 170 KB)




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