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Market Update 2015 prepared by EPEC

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The European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC) team has completed a review of the European PPP market in 2015. The aggregate value of PPP transactions that reached financial close in the European market in the first half of 2015 totalled EUR 4,3 billion.  The report draws attention to the signing of an agreement for the Turkey ppp project in the healthcare sector (the Bilkent Health Campus for a value of EUR 1.1 bilion).

Over the first half of 2015, 24 ppp transactions reached financial close, significantly fewer than the 34 transactions signed in the first half of 2014. The average transaction size stood at EUR 178 million, a 33% decrease over the half of 2014 (EUR 264 million) and slightly lower than the average transaction size recorded over the last 10 years (EUR 189 million).

The Market Update 2015

Data Collection and Methodology The data used in this publication are EPEC’s own aggregation of information collected from a variety of sources, in particular Dealogic ProjectWare, InfraNews, Infrastructure Journal and Inspiratia, cross-checked, where appropriate, against the EIB’s own project files. The list of PPP projects forming the dataset has been reviewed, where possible, by EPEC members. Project data contained in this publication may be subject to future revisions due to the late availability of information or corrections to previously reported values. The data and the findings of this publication should therefore be treated with appropriate caution.




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