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Establishing and Reforming PPP Units - Analysis of EPEC Member PPP Units and Lessons Learnt

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In coordination with EPEC Members, the EPEC team has conducted reviews of institutional frameworks for 24 EPEC Members (set out in ‘Unit Reports’) a number of which are publicly available on the EPEC website. A central PPP Unit was identified in 18 of the 24 institutional frameworks reviewed. The purpose of this report is to draw collectively from these Unit Reports in order to identify trends and lessons learnt. It is based on information that was correct at the date of publication for each Unit Report, i.e. between October 2011 and March 2014.

Poland’s ppp related institutions

While there is no central PPP Unit, two entities within government play key roles in the institutional framework:

  • the Ministry of Economy (MoE) is responsible for establishing the legal framework for ppps in Poland and for any subsequent legislative changes to it. MoE is also responsible for a number of other activities prescribed in the ppp Act, including the promotion and evaluation of ppps, development of standard contracts, provision of training and sharing of best practices. Accordingly, a PPP Unit was established within MoE in 2013. MoE has also developed a ppp project database and runs an Inter-ministerial PPP Council (as an advisory body to the Minister of Economy) which includes representatives of different ministries, social partners and the private sector;

  • the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) is responsible for establishing the legal framework for concessions in Poland and for regional development policy which includes development  of guidance on ppp issues – mainly on hybrid ppps that blend EU funds and private financing. MID also has a department dedicated for ppps (Department of PPP Projects Support) which supports public authorities across sectors but does not have formal project decision-making powers. MID also supports pilot projects to prepare template documentation, runs a hybrid ppps database and guide to Polish ppp guidelines. It coordinates a PPP Platform, established in 2011, that brings together a wide range of players across different levels of government including local procuring authorities and national level ministries.


Download file:
Establishing and Reforming PPP Units - Analysis of EPEC Member PPP Units and Lessons Learnt, European Expertise Centre (EPEC), August 2014  (PDF 2,02 MB)





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