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Bobolice Municipality is looking for a ppp partner

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Bobolice Municipality invites private investors to get acquainted with the realization objectives of the undertaking entitled House of Old Age with land development in the form of a public-private partnership on the territory of Bobolice Municipality.

The subject of the ppp project is the realization of the investment undertaking covering the construction and its financing, as well as managing the Home of OId Age intended for permanent residence of senior citizens in the town of Bobolice. Within the scope of the undertaking, a professional, modern and comfortable infrastructure should come about, adjusted to the needs of the elderly.

The project is scheduled to be implemented in the ppp formula in the DBFO (design-build-finance-operate) model. Cooperation of the Municipality and private partner will consist in the division of tasks and risks, as well as in the cooperation of parties in order to realize the project. The main task of a public entity will be to make own contributions.
The project is to be carried out on plot 6/2 located within surveying section no. 2 of the City of Bobolice, which is owned by the Municipality. Size of plot no. 6/2 from section no. 2 of Boblice Municipality amounts to 14,6916 ha.

The objects arising within the framework of the planned undertaking, in accordance with the Municipality, should meet the highest standards for this type of construction. An advantage of the resulting objects is to be their location. The plot on which the project is to be located is situated in an area which is rich in forests and clean lakes, and hence, has a specific microclimate. In addition, Bobolice Municipality lies in close proximity to coastal towns.

In accordance with the objectives of the Municipality, the scope of project realization should be implemented in stages. Within the framework of stage 1, infrastructure should be built which is necessary for the proper functioning of the Undertaking in accordance with its intended purpose. Whereas extension of the scope of activity of the object is allowed, by services related in this care and treatment facility. The scope and size of works in subsequent stages will be subject to negotiations. The possibility of realizing the undertaking through a ppp company is allowed, established on the basis of the agreement of public-private partnership, while in this case a smaller share of the public entity in the company's capital is assumed from the share of the private partner.

It is assumed that the primary way to pay the private partner in the ppp project will be above all the right to collect benefits from the public-private partnership, which will include revenues generated by the ppp project, deriving from fees from the residents of the Home of Old Age and members of their families. The planned method of paying the private partner indicates at applying to the choice of the private partner the mode referred to in art. 4 sec. 1 of the act on ppp, i.e. based on the provisions of the act of 9 January 2009 on permits for construction works or services (Journal of Laws of 2009 No. 19 item  101 as amended). Notice on permit for construction works has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 18-11-2014 under no. 2014/S 222-391799 and posted in the Public Information Bulletin on 17-11-2014.

The deadline for submitting applications for the conclusion of a public-private partnership agreement has been set for 16.02.2015 until 11:00. Detailed information on the subject of the notification along with attachments are posted on the website -  in the Economy section, tab Public Procurement and on the notification boards of the City Hall in Bobolice.

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